Winter safaris in Kemi

Winter safaris in Kemi start usually at 9:00 when the guide comes to pick you up from your hotel's reception. Please be in time because there might be several people coming from several hotels at the same time. If the guide is late just please keep on waiting.


List of our winter safaris in Kemi:

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Northern Lights safaris

Northern Lights Snowmobile Driving Safari

NLsnowmobileNorthern Lights trip by driving snowmobiles is an evening trip combining these two interesting activities.

Location: Kemi

Northern Lights Evening Trip from Kemi

northern-lights-tsrNorthern Lights trip from Kemi is an interesting evening trip for searching the Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights.

Location: Kemi

Silence and nature

Cross-Country Skiing Trip Day in Kemi

cross-country-skiing-trip-tsrLearn some cross-country skiing with a local guide. Skiing equipment is included.

Location: Kemi

Snow Adventure Day from Kemi

snow-adventure-tsrDuring this snow adventure day you may try several different snow activities including a snowshoe trip, kick sledding, tobogganing and ice fishing all in a single day!. Lapland Welcome STAR SAFARI!

Location: Kemi

Reindeer and husky safaris

Visit a Husky Farm and 60 min Safari

husky-tsrDuring this trip we visit a husky farm and make a 1 hour husky driving safari.

Location: Kemi

Visit a Husky Farm and 2 h Safari

husky13Meet lovely, cuddly huskies at the husky farm and participate in a husky safari traversing the beautiful wilderness of Lapland.

Location: Kemi

Visit a Husky Farm and All Day Safari from Kemi

Husky4Meet lovely and fluffy huskies and participate in an all day husky safari in the beautiful wilderness! Lunch on the way is included.

Location: Kemi


Motoring safaris

Snowmobile Driving Day from Kemi

SMThe clients will be picked up at 9 a.m. from their hotel and transported to the beautiful area of Kätkävaara for 4-5 h snowmobile safari.

Location: Kemi


Cultural trips

New Year Celebration by Finnish Traditions and Northern Lights

fireworksSpend the New Year enjoying Finnish traditions including melting tin, watching fireworks and trying to spot the Northern Lights.

Location: Kemi 

Icebreaker cruise at Bothnian sea 4 h

sampo-icebreaker-tsr4 hours cruise on Sampo icebreaker. Attend a guided tour on the ship and in the middle of the largest ice field in Europe, drop into the sea and float!

Location: Kemi

Rovaniemi Day from Kemi

RovaniemiRovaniemi day from Kemi is an all day trip to the capital of Lapland and the most interesting attractions there.

Location: Kemi

Visit Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park from Kemi

RanuazooRanzo Visit the most northern wildlife park in the world with a local guide and see animals living in arctic areas like polar bears, bears, reindeers, lynxes, wolves, gluttons, birds and many others.

Location: Kemi

Visit Santa Claus Village

santa tsrTrip from Kemi to Santa Claus Village is an all day trip to the Arctic Circle and Santa's village.

Location: Kemi



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