Winter safaris in Rovaniemi

The guide comes to pick you up from your hotel's reception once you have a valid reservation. First you will be driven in our safari office for full winter adventure gear including arctic overalls, boots, socks, gloves, hats and other equipment needed. Then you will be transported to the programs with the guide. After the program you will be returned safely back to your hotel.

The rates mentioned are rates in Euros / adult. Standard rate is for minimum 2 adults. Children under 15 years get usually 50% and under 4 years 75% discount. At husky safaris the child discount is always 25%. Online booking rates are slightly cheaper.

If you travel alone you can book any safari by minimum price that is two times standard price, except for Auroras - Northern Lights trip by car and on foot that is available by standard price even for single travellers. If someone joins you, after the trip you will be refunded to pay finally only the standard price.

If you are two or more and you book several safaris and pay them at least one month in before hand you will enjoy discount. The discount we count this way, number of people + number of safaris = discount %. For example if you are 4 and you book 3 safaris you will get 7% discount. The discount is for early booked and paid safaris only, apply for minimum 2 persons.

You can also book a private safari for a higher price. Please, contact us by email for more details.

We guarantee small groups that is usually maximum 10 persons on our safaris. The exceptions are Northern Lights trip by car and on foot and All day reindeer adventure where more than 10 people groups might appear.

At snowmobile safaris snowmobile driver's liability is 900 Euros. Accidents are rare. For driving on public tracks you need any kind of traffic driving licence from your home country. We also offer private safaris where you don't need a driving licence.

All day safaris include usually snacks or light lunch. Half day safaris include snacks.

Visit our safari office in Rovaniemi city at Rovakatu 26.


Pickup time from your hotel:


Morning starts  Hotel  Evening starts 1*  Evening starts 2* 
09:20 Santa Claus Village
Napapiirin Saarituvat
20:20 19:20
09:25 Lomavekarit 20:25 19:25
09:30 Chalet Hotel 20:30 19:30
09:35 Sky hotel
Santa Sport
Ounaskoski Camping 

20:35 19:35
09:40 Hotel Aakenus
Hostel Rudolf
B&B places
20:40 19:40
09:45 Hotel Scandic
Guesthouse Borealis
20:45 19:45
09:50 Hotel Vaakuna
Hotel Pohjanhovi
Arctic Light Hotel
20:50 19:50
09:55 Hotel Santa Claus
Hotel Polar
20:55 19:55
10:00 City Hotel
Safari Office (Rovakatu 26)
21:00 20:00

Evening starts 1*: August-October and March-April
Evening starts 2*: November-February

Click here for a winter in Finland video preview!

Good to know before your arrival: stay safe in Lapland.



List of our safaris:


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Northern Lights safaris

Auroras - Northern Lights Trip by Car and on Foot

northern-lights-tsrLapland Welcome legendary evening trip for searching Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights at the best possible spot. 21.8.-21.4.

Location: Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Snowmobile Sleigh Ride

aurora2Join our legendary Northern Lights sleigh ride and reach the summit of the mountain easier. There is no better place for spotting the lights than the tower on the summit!

Location: Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Snowmobile Driving Safari

NLsnowmobileExperience the wilderness by driving a snowmobile and hunting the Northern Lights.

Location: Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Trip and Overnight in a Snow Igloo

Attend our famous Northern Lights trip and spend a night in a snow igloo. This is a really unforgettable experience!

Location: Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Trip and Overnight in Aurora Apartment 

auroraJoin our legendary Northern Lights trip by car and on foot and a spend a night in Aurora apartment where you have a chance to observe the sky trough the whole night!

Location: Rovaniemi


Motoring safaris

All Day Snowmobile Driving

Lynx600aceExperience an unforgettable day traversing the wilderness of Lapland on snowmobiles. Enjoy breathtaking snowscapes far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lapland Welcome STAR SAFARI!

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowmobile Safari in Rovaniemi

snowmobilesafariExperience a thrilling, unforgettable trip riding a snowmobile.

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowmobile Driving

Lynx600ace-2This trip is just to try snowmobile driving in arctic conditions. Suitable for beginners too.

Location: Rovaniemi

Further to the Wilderness 

snowmobileAre you an adventurous and sportive person? Book a long one day safari deeper into the wilderness!

Location: Rovaniemi

Overnight Safari by Snowmobiles 

snowmobile safariTwo days of driving, sauna, dinner and Northern Ligts trip - all inclusive overnight safari by snowmobiles!

Location: Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Snowmobile Safari

lynxExperience the fun of driving snowmobiles, visit a reindeer farm, cross the Arctic Circle and visit Santa Claus Village all in one day, by snowmobiles! Lapland Welcome STAR SAFARI!

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowmobile Safari to a Husky Farm with Husky Safari

husky13Drive to a husky farm by snowmobiles and meet lovely and fluffy huskies. Participate on a 30 min husky safari in the beautiful nature of Lapland!

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowmobile Safari to Reindeer and Husky Farm

SMThis is one of the best ways to enjoy the assets of Lapland with the 3 most populars activities, all in the same day. Short reindeer and husky sleigh ride included.

Location: Rovaniemi

Rally Driving Experience

rally tsrExperience rally driving in arctic winter conditions! Learn sliding, breaking and accelerating on slippery surface and participate on a short one lap competition by special rally cars!

Location: Rovaniemi

Karting on Ice

icekartExperience the fun of driving a go-kart on ice track. Thrills guaranteed!

Location: Rovaniemi

Silence and nature

Cross-Country Skiing Trip

cross-country-skiing-trip-tsrLearn cross-country skiing and admire the beauty of Lapland landscapes

Location: Rovaniemi

Ice Fishing Trip

ice-fishing-tsrDrill ice holes, try ice fishing and enjoy beautiful landscapes on a lake ice!

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowshoe Trip 

snowshoes-tsrEnjoy the beautiful wilderness of Lapland on the snowshoe trip and admire the landscape and enjoy warm beverages and snacks.

Location: Rovaniemi

Snowshoe Trip for Searching Arctic Animals

snowshoe2During this trip we drive out from the town and have a nice snowshoe trip in the wilderness searching arctic animals and birds.

Location: Rovaniemi

Korouoma Canyon Snowshoe Trip

korouoma4Korouoma Canyon is a famous hiking destination year around. In the summer time you can admire natural rapids and in the winter time famous ice falls.

Location: Rovaniemi

Snow Adventure Day

snow-adventure-tsrDuring our snow adventure day you may try several different snow activities like snowshoe trip, kick sledding, tobogganing and ice fishing all in a single day including breat taking views!

Location: Rovaniemi

Cultural trips

Outdoor Bathtub and Finnish Sauna Experience

sauna2Experience traditional private Finnish sauna for ultimate relaxation and try warm outdoor bathtub where you can sit outdoors and just enjoy!

Location: Rovaniemi

Icebreaker Cruises 28.12-15.4

sampo-icebreaker-tsr4 hours cruise on Sampo icebreaker. In the middle of the largest ice field in Europe, drop into the sea and float! Three different options available.

Location: Rovaniemi

Building a Snow Igloo

building iglooEnjoy the snow of Lapland and learn how to build an igloo with a guide. Once in a life time!

Location: Rovaniemi

Cool Igloo Experience

igloo2Spent the night in your handmade snow igloo.

Location: Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi Day

rovaniemi-tsrExperience Rovaniemi with a local guide by crossing Arctic Circle, visiting Santa Claus Village and Arktikum museum and enjoying a sight seeing tour in the city of Rovaniemi.

Location: Rovaniemi

Trip to Arctic Circle, Santa Claus’ Village and Santa's Reindeers

santa tsrDuring the trip we cross the magical Artic Circle and visit Santa Claus' Village where is Christmas all year round!

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit Arctic Snow Hotel

arctic snowhotel2Visit Arctic Snow Hotel and see hotel's rooms, restaurant and bar where everything is made of ice! This is definitely worth seeing!

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit SnowLand Restaurant in Rovaniemi

SnowlandVisit SnowLand restaurant in Rovaniemi where everything is made of snow and ice! This is a really interesting place to visit!

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park

RanuazooRanzoVisit the most northern wildlife park in the world with a local guide and see many animals living in arctic areas like polar bears, bears, reindeers, lynxes, wolves, gluttons, birds and many others.

Location: Rovaniemi

Reindeer and husky safaris

Visit a Reindeer Farm with short sleigh ride

Reindeer7Visit the local reindeer farm where you meet people living at the farm while introducing yourself to the lives of reindeer herders and see the Wild Forests .

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit a Reindeer Farm and One Hour Safari

reindeer farm visitVisit a local reindeer farm and meet people living at the farm. Participate their one hour reindeer safari, sit on a reindeer sleigh and enjoying beautiful landscape on the way.

Location: Rovaniemi

All Day Reindeer Adventure 

all-day-reindeer-adventure-tsrVisit the local reindeer farm and participate on a long safari in the wilderness while enjoying beautiful landscapes. Lapland Welcome STAR SAFARI!

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit a Husky Farm and 30 min Safari

husky tsrMeet lovely, cuddly huskies and experience their thrilling speed on a 30-minute dog sled safari.

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit a Husky Farm and 2 h Safari

husky15Meet lovely, cuddly huskies at the husky farm and participate in a husky safari traversing the beautiful wilderness of Lapland.

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit a Husky Farm and All Day Safari

IMG 0929Meet lovely and fluffy huskies and participate an all day husky safari in the beautiful wilderness! Lunch on the way is included.

Location: Rovaniemi

Visit a Reindeer Farm and Husky Farm by Snowmobile Sleigh

2016 Huskies pieniVisit the farms by sitting on snowmobile pulled sleigh and learn a lot about reindeers and huskies .

Location: Rovaniemi


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